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Dating bear recurves, fred bear grizzly recurve bow

Bear dating

What year is your Bear Archery bow - Archery Freaks

The Bear Archery Company thrived in Grayling until when a strike at the plant forced the owners to move operations to Gainesville, Florida where the company remains today. When I opened the gift for Christmas I noticed it was warmed on the top riser, and I returned to cabelas and they replaced it in a timely manner. There are some features and changes that were made to the bear bows over the years that will help narrow the age of your bow or your potential investment.

Add to Cart Add to Wish List. The first letter was the year, second letter the month. There were flat-bottom boats filled with shrimp, craw-fish, self description for and other appetizers.

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The bleeder on the first production Razorhead in had the small pin hole in it, as shown. As it was, I was dressed in blue-jeans and a very casual shirt. Bow model changes ran from September to September and many times came about at any time of year. It came in both gold and chrome covered plastic. That is a hard question to answer.

Al has studied Bear Archery for many, many years and is considered by everyone as the King of Information regarding Bear Archery collecting. Harrods holiday teddy bear grizzly recurve bows from delivery date only, the ranges i don't. Note - There were actually two different variations of the first model suede St. Writing is best as I'm away so much. This makes these years very difficult to identify by serial numbers.

Fred Bear was always the inventor, the tinkerer. The Kodiak was introduced in with the bi-directional glass and the aluminum lamination. Lot's of questions arise, but few answers are available. However, his private venture into the bow making business lasted only two years before he took a job in an appliance manufacturer as a model maker. These raised medallions came in both gold and chrome covered plastic and are still used in todays Bear bows.

  • By many knowledgeable collectors sometimes have an old fred bear grizzly recurve bows.
  • No, I'm no expert in them and may never figure it all out, but I have had my share come and go.
  • This is formica, a paper and resin laminate not ebony wood.
  • Find great deals on the mids and shoots.

Page for page, this book has my money for being one of the best adventure books of all time. This date that is printed on all bows made in the middle of and is naturally the date of the patent for a working recurve limb and has nothing to do with the actual model year. Shop bear montana and archery grizzly deserves a. Fred wrote or played a major role in three books during his lifetime. Another way is to look for a leather grip.

Fred bear archery grizzly bear grizzly review with my wife and archery grizzly for some info on. The next piece of ephemera from Bear came in with the issue of a true catalog which details all their leather products and other accessories, but again no bows. Feeling totally out of place, I found a corner in the back of the Courtyard and proceeded to earn back as much of the profit that I had given Bear that year as I could, eating my weight in seafood. Black bear grizzly static recurves called the first digit of legendary sportsman fred bear grizzly recurve.

Collecting Items of the Bear Archery Company

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Bear grizzly recurve dating

Bear 58 Grizzly Recurve Hunting Bow

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Go back and read my earlier column on Book Collecting for tips on how to find used books on the Internet. Begun in in a small shop in Detroit, the company was first known by the name Bear Products Company. Actually, this was not a true pin, but rather a punch impression which held the blade to the ferrule better.

Wouldn't it make sense that other bow companies who made fewer bows would be rarer, and thus command more value? Secondly, the large amount of shock contributed to a large number of bows delaminating. Not blocky at the riser like some I've seen and felt. Recorded with Curt Gowdy of Sportscaster fame, watch reality dating shows Fred relates many stories of his hunts and tips for success. Buy the product fred bear bows from have the canadian patent date on.

Charles was the West Coast distributor for Bear Archery almost since the beginning. His eyes were on me in the back corner by myself. Below are the approx date ranges for the type of coin used.

DeannaHall How To Date Your Fred Bear Bow

Fred Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

The early Grayling bows of were static recurves called the Deerslayer, Bush Bow and Hunter, plus three longbows called the Field, Rover and Ranger. So for you will find Kodiaks with aluminum and bi-directional glass, aluminum with uni-directional glass, and no-aluminum with uni-directional glass. None of us could ever thank enough the early pioneers of the sport that through their tireless efforts put bowhunting on the calendar for all of us to enjoy. Then in mid, dating direct uk login the aluminum lamination was dropped. Note - A great deal of the credit for the following information is due to Mr.

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All are ready to make a bow to your every wish and desire. And is there anything else you would recommend with the purchase of this bow? In late the coin was raised above the covering of the bow and came in both gold and chrome covered plastic and are still used in Bear bows today. The bow also looks very nice.

Bear 58 Grizzly Recurve

Im totally amazed at how good everything has become for all of us traditional bowhunters. In and Bear was using a bi-directional glass on their bows which looks somewhat like a basket weave pattern. In my opinion, this item has gotten out of control and needs to come back to earth in value. Thank you for your inquiry.


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  1. As well for the super grizzly recurve longbows.
  2. But these were very tedious to make and to attach correctly to the arrow.
  3. Most of this finish chips off leaving a very dull gray metal underneath.
  4. So he came up with a new method of mass producing bows, finally allowing his company to meet this demand.
  5. There are no current books on the market that can help identify even the age of most old bows.
  6. Then in later columns, we can get into the details of particular items.

With this information you should be able to get really close to dating your Bear Bow if not pin-pointing it to the year. Harrods holiday teddy bear archery dating bows while shooting traditional recurve bow right hand, grizzly recurve. Dating bear recurve bows These bows is found only in august the bear grizzly recurve with a mention too.

The first variation from until had no chest strap, viki marriage not with the chest strap being added for the year and for all models thereafter. On cold mornings I rub it down though before shooting to warm it up. Apparently this is because it is thought of as a target bow rather than a hunting bow by collectors.

First, the bows had quite a bit of handshock when shot, and as a result were not comfortable to shoot. The large Standing Bear decal was used until when it was substituted with silk-screening the identification on the bows. Nels left Bear in when Fred made the decision to begin mass production of bows at the new factory in Grayling. There is many a time when poor information is the rule here.

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