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Spencer dating spencer's sister

Meet the Spencer Sisters All About Princess Diana s Gorgeous Nieces

She swipes his keys to his office only to be caught by Caleb Rivers and had to pay him off to keep him quiet. After Ashley has left, Hanna says she could have told Ashley the truth, as she would never judge Veronica and Peter for splitting up. They later broke up due to Caleb's feelings for Hanna.

Lady Sarah McCorquodale

Spencer sits with Melissa and her mom in the living room as Melissa explains that she was blackmailed into wearing to keep Jenna distracted or risk exposure of the fake baby bump. At home, Spencer sees Melissa and asks if their mom has said anything about the case but Melissa says that she is probably going to talk to them together. She decides to tell the girls about Toby.

Veronica explains that it was her idea they hire a detective. Hanna states that her mom did not kill Wilden and the girls know that this is the truth. At the hospital they call their parents. She also talks to Hanna about A.

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When asked if Spencer was a loyal friend, Alison says she was as far as she knew. Spencer sees CeCe hanging up flayers because she needs people for her trunk show tonight at her boutique. Spencer is worried that the others will find out about Toby returning the lair it to A, and wants to tell them before they find out from someone else, but Toby cant face them. Her family also doesn't want Spencer to see Toby anymore. Aria comforts her and Spencer says she doesn't know how Aria is holding it together.

Reading the letter, Spencer rushes to her door and opening it, she calls out for Melissa. While Spencer and Toby are making out in Toby's truck Toby believes he spots something in Jason DiLaurentis's upstairs window but tells Spencer to ignore it. After the girls find her, the police arrive but Ian's body is no where to be found leaving the town to wonder what the girls are up to. Noticing feet move under one of the sheets draping an armchair, Spencer grabs a fire stoke and pulls the protective sheet from the armchair. Spencer is a focused and intelligent girl.

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She later witnesses proof that Jenna can see with the other girls. Spencer and Aria realize that they have been there before because they are at Noel's house. Spencer asks him what is the best way to get around a tough password. Veronica tells her they are, and Spencer is visibly elated, before Veronica tells her that Peter is moving out though. He gives her the slip, thanking her for the book.

In Philly, Spencer waits for her sister in front of someone place as Hanna, Emily and Aria wait to go into her apartment. One of two older sisters of Diana, Princess of Wales. Toby knows that she won't tell him anything, so he'll make it easy on her, legal dating he'll go find answers for himself.

Lady Sarah McCorquodale

Spencer reminds Melissa that they are both related to parts of that family. Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out. After paying him, Miles tells her the key is to a unit. Spencer does well but Mona wins.

Spencer dating spencer's sister

Spencer Hastings

Spencer, CeCe and Aria arrive at the party. When Toby pretends to betray her and take her outside, the two split up to find Red Coat. When she enters, she is locked into a small space. The girls are questioned by the police as to why they think Ian is Alison's killer. She then recalls a conversation with Mona, telling her that she is in, meaning she is now a part of the A-Team.

Hearing a walking stick, Spencer turns around, and Emily recognises Sydney as the second Jenna. In his yearbook they discover he was part of an N. Hanna sees that Caleb got shot so she breaks down crying into Spencer and Aria's arms. Spencer asks what Melissa wants, and Melissa tells her that Veronica wanted her to try and see if Spencer would like anything special for dinner tonight. Spencer descends the stairs to find Jenna sitting on her living room couch.

Hanna tells her that she and all their friends are going to be there for her and leans in to hug her. Aria and Spencer agree to check out the place in Philly later this afternoon. Spencer breaks down crying. She contributed to the readings at Diana's funeral.

Spencer dating spencer's sister

While reading through the information on Rodenticide, Spencer gets a text message from Alison asking Spencer to call her. Melissa asks Spencer what would her answer be if she asks her the same question and the camera cuts away before we see Spencer's response. Hastings says that she is taking on Garrett's case because she believes that he is innocent. Spencer sneaks into the elevator to go see Garret's mom. After ending the call, Aria tells Spencer that Ezra is trying to find a link between Bethany and Mrs D, and when Spencer asks if he's found one, best free online dating Aria tells her he hasn't.

Suddenly Spencer is asked to report to the principal's office. At night, Spencer is driving when someone drives passed her really fast and bumps into another car. Following this, Spencer begins to try even harder to work out who A is, in order to make it safe for Alison to come home.

As Spencer is about to stick her hand in a toilet, the bell rings and the toilet flushes along with the necklace. Leaning up, Spencer kisses him, and it turns into a heavy make out session. Spencer accuses Melissa of thinking that Jason killed his mother, something Melissa does not deny. Hanna asks Spencer if Toby's still at the hospital, and Spencer tells her he is, he's with Jenna and her mom.

Ashley knocks on the door to let Hanna know Travis is downstairs, and asks Spencer if everything is alright at home as she saw Veronica at the Bradbury. As Alison greets some of the guests, Spencer turns to Hanna and tells her that they should get out of here while everyone is still basking in the glow of Ali. At first Spencer tries to hold Jason back when she realises whose hand is sticking out, but Jason easily pushes past her. Watching from the window, Spencer notices Peter take Veronica's hand, and with a small smile, she leaves. While wondering if erecting a memorial to Alison is right or wrong, she is at odds with her family over her Wren's affair.

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Spencer Hastings

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Spencer Hastings

  • Spencer approaches Aria and Emily.
  • The next day, Spencer is still at home in her bed when Melissa comes in.
  • Sarah, who served as joint master of the Belvoir Hunt, claimed that Grant's actions were out of character.
  • Walking into her bedroom, Spencer, on the phone with Emily, asks how it went with Alison.
  • After doing a double-take, Jenna accuses Spencer of somehow breaking their agreement.

Toby is upset and wants to know what really happened to his mom. Answering her phone, Hanna asks Spencer if she can come to give Spencer the recording Alison asked her to give out. She asks if they can do it someplace more private than a sidewalk so they go into his truck. Hanna wonders why Paige is late and the girls realize something is wrong. They think that was weird because Ali and CeCe look alike.

Spencer calls a hospital to know about Melissa's health status. What if it was out of fear? Spencer says that she had to know that this couldn't have lasted. Before Peter can answer Melissa walks in telling Spencer to leave their father alone.

Spencer suggests calling Caleb to help them recover information from the phone. Noticing Spencer looking in Alison's direction, Aria tells her that it's her decision, not Alison's. Wilden, her mother chastises Wilden. Now she worries she shared too much with him.

This encourages her father to invite Spencer to play double tennis where she meets Alex Santiago and the two start dating. They also see Ian's name which means they were dating. Spencer and Toby resume their relationship and start dating again at the end of the series. Cavanaugh step mother-in-law Jenna Marshall step sister-in-law.

  1. Walking into a consulting room, Spencer calls Emily, and after Emily asks if she can call her right back, Spencer tells her no.
  2. Veronica couldn't stand the thought of the baby being forgotten, so she adopted the baby.
  3. After a fight, they decide to move past it and slow dance where the two of them kissing deeply.
  4. With Alison's return, Spencer has a hard time getting used with her domination.
  5. It isn't until Spencer tells Ali that her mother wore that dress to her own funeral that she understands.
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