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When does elena and damon start dating, elena and damon

Please don't do this to me. And I'll even let her hate me for it. Damon asks if it was just between him and Stefan, who would get the goodbye. She tells him that she doesn't know what she feels meaning that she has feelings for Damon as well.

Elena and Stefan A Vampire Diaries Dating Timeline

Meanwhile, Damon cleans the kitchen and Elena tries to shower off the memory of stabbing Jeremy. Advertisement While she and Damon are away at Whitmore College, Elena drinks blood and dirty dances with him. The latter wins out and she then turns around and strides over to Damon and kisses him.

  1. Elena briefs Damon on the situation and forbids him from killing Tyler.
  2. Damon realizes that Enzo is going to kill Elena for revenge and goes after them.
  3. Things have happened that can't be undone, she said.
  4. Seeming satisfied he has inflicted as much dismay and damage as possible, Kol leaves and Elena then helps Damon with his injuries.
  5. He then tells her about Klaus and Caroline.
  6. Damon saw her there on a road and mistook her for Katherine.

He wasn't killing these people to survive, or to save anyone, or because his humanity was flipped off. Heartbroken, Damon says that he gets it that its always going to be Stefan. She tells Elena that it's alright to love both Salvatore's, because she did.

Elena and Damon

Later that day Damon calls Elena from a bar out of town and confesses to her that he let Stefan out of his prison. Next on the porch, Damon and Stefan were talking about Elena. Elena thanked him for his honesty, but told him that he'd lost her forever, outraged that he'd kept information about Katherine that she needed.

Elena was devastated and Damon prevented her from running inside. What more does she need to know? Elena is irritated by Damon when he says fine. Elena then says that she knows that she will need his help to bring Stefan fully back. Damon is extremely against the idea doubting if it will work at all.

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Damon, then replies that he isn't going to help her anymore with her feelings, and that she now has to sort it out herself. Damon and Elena both admit to each other that they were half faking their feelings at the bonfire. When Jenna tries to get him to date her friend, Andie Star, he blows her off. Caroline appeared, just in time for Jesse to die. Damon replies angrily that she should stop looking for Stefan because he's not going to return, at least not in her lifetime.

Elena and Damon

She survived, but this incident caused Elena to break up with Stefan, worried that as long as she and Stefan were together, Katherine would hurt or possibly kill everyone she loved. When Elena was digging a grave to bury Connor in the woods, she sobbed when Stefan and Damon showed up. Damon said he should go apologize to Jeremy for being tough on him. He then realized that it wasn't Elena he kissed, but Katherine.

Elena tries to escape with super speed, but is blocked by Stefan. He knows what he should have done. But Damon replies they are still bad for each other. Elena went to Matt, believing he was gone, and when Damon showed her that he was wearing the resurrection ring, he said she was experiencing joy that her friend wasn't dead.

After finally finding Stefan they take him back to the boarding house where Elena praises Damon for looking out for Stefan but Damon doesn't respond. She is mildly annoyed at his presence but doesn't throw him out. He mischievously asks what is she wearing making Elena blush. Just as Damon's about to drive through the Mystic Grill in a blaze of glory, Elena jumps in the car. Knowing that the Other Side is disintegrating and there is no other way for Damon to return, Elena breaks down completely.

At the house, they are telling each other about their respective missions of the day and how they failed. They managed to save Stefan who convinced them to spare Harper before leaving. Damon then joins them and tries to calm Enzo. When the trio arrive at Mary's house, Jeremy stays as Damon and Elena go inside. Elena says things may be different if she had met him before Stefan.

What season does Elena and Damon date

When will Elena and Damon start dating in the show vampire diaries
Damon & Elena s 10 best moments from The Vampire Diaries

When did elena start dating damon Vampire Diaries

He leaves angry once again, speaking briefly to Elijah in the sitting room. Jeremy soon came back to life due to John's ring, which relieved both Elena and Stefan. Later, Damon and Caroline admit to each other about their shared suspicion of Stefan and Elena keeping a secret and decide to play games so that the secret comes out. When they arrived at her house, Elena asked him if he saw the ring, and he admitted he didn't and that he got lucky with the ring, given the fact that he could have truly killed Jeremy. Later, Elena has hallucinations of Damon, he'd told her the reason she was seeing him was because she knew she was more like him than Stefan now, that was Elena admitting it to herself.

What season does Elena and Damon date

He said the bullet was only laced with werewolf venom, so Damon had time. The house started burning and they left home with Jeremy and Elena's memories, including Elena's past burning into flames. Though initially started on antagonistic terms, ontario their relationship develops throughout the series. When will Elena and Damon start dating in the show vampire diaries? Did they start dating after the acting of Vampire Diaries?

Elena and Damon

He then told her that deep down, she knew that Stefan needed to drink the human blood, before leaving. They love her too much to ever really hurt her, Elena said, so what does she have to be afraid of? Damon suddenly appears to return to the present, but collapses.

Elena and Stefan A Vampire Diaries Dating Timeline

After reaching the bar Damon compels the owner to tell what happened with Stefan, she tells them the whole story and tells how Qetsiyah threw him into a truck. Her feelings for Damon have amplified. Damon offers to drive her to Whitmore but Elena confesses that if he does that then she won't be able to control herself around him and thus they are gonna end up back here.

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Damon asks if she is okay, and strokes her chin. She pleased him to take Jeremy body downstairs which he did. Advertisement While Stefan was away ripping, my girlfriend still Elena spent the summer hoping to save him from Klaus.

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  • Damon and Elena find him and take him back to the Salvatore house.
  • Who does Elena love in vampire diares?
  • He then proceeds and places his hand on her cheek affectionately, to check that she is alright.

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Elena told Damon that she had enough of people telling her to feel when she felt amazing. When she was leaving, Damon confessed to her that he'd goaded Katherine and a tearful Elena said that Katherine had won. When Elena saw a hooded man, Stefan went after him. She says that she is tired and doesn't feel like yelling at him.

Elena and Stefan A Vampire Diaries Dating Timeline

When somerhalder played damon in the roles of circumstance, for the novel series tells damon and he's linked elena's life, elena dating reallife romance. No matter what I feel for you, intimate dating questions I never unfell for him. Stefan thought of Katherine. Later that night after Elena daggers Rebekah Damon appears and congratulates her on a job well done.

When does elena start dating damon - Warsaw Local

She leaves, despite his offer of a naked breakfast. Months after Damon's death, dating Elena desperately mourns him. They run until Elena trips and looks up and a werewolf stands right in front of her eyes.

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