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Who is max dating in eastenders, jack branning

They threaten Harry and tell him to stay away, but afterwards Jack is grabbed by two men and bundled into a car. He takes Max home, however just before they leave, Kush enters and punches him. Homeless and unemployed, Max is taken in by Jack who discovers his self-harming. After the ceremony, Max goes to Roxy's bedroom and waits for her. On the day of the funeral, Max goes to the hearse when it arrives.

Jack Branning

Jack asks about the girls and Max says Lauren and the baby are doing well. Max and Tanya cancel the wedding, and Max tells Derek that he wants nothing more to do with him after Christmas. He later sees Ronnie tearing up the flowers on Archie's grave and asks her why and she thinks he is accusing her of murder.

Max Branning

She hands the note to Fuller. She gets in the car to go but Abi refuses, saying they need to stick together, so Tanya leaves with Lauren and Oscar. Ian pulls out of the deal, fearing Max's motives.

  • Jack discovers Ronnie has been released on bail, and decides to forgive her, asking her to move back in.
  • Stacey later turns to Max for help, but they end up in a passionate kiss, and Stacey later leaves Walford with Lily to stay with her mother Jean.
  • Max is arrested and when Lucy's blood is found on his shoe, from where Jake Stone caused Lucy's nose to bleed on the night she died, he is charged with the murder.
  • However, Max convinces Ian that he does not have any ulterior motives and he just wants to move on.
  • After a few harsh truths from Mick, Max goes to Lauren and says he's going to go away for a while but asks her about the funeral.
Max Branning

EastEnders Max Branning accused of shock attack on Bobby Beale

The fire crew get her out and she is in a serious condition for a while. Steven Beale - Shoved him unintentionally into the hard end of a table later died of a liver haemorrhage. He tries to fix things when Karen and Mitch argue, dating but the day turns sour when Gray overhears Mitch admitting that he doesn't like him! Bradley forwards an email his co-worked sent about his boss to the boss which gets him sacked and Bradley gets promoted.


The doctors tell Max they have to deliver the baby in case Abi has a heart attack which will put the baby at risk. Steele and rushes to see Jack, telling him that if he were to propose, she would not turn him down. Max finds Tanya in the hospital's chapel and she is angry with Max that Abi has to die because of him. Max is unnerved, however, when Derek hints that he knows things about Max that he does not want Tanya to know. Cora tells Max it should have been him in that coffin.

Jack Branning

An attack of conscience prompts Tanya to dig Max up and he decides to leave Walford as he can see how much devastation he had caused. However, it continues, despite Tanya marrying Greg. They almost kiss in an alleyway but are interrupted when a shout comes for Roxy.

Who is max dating in eastenders

James tells him he has been useful, but all good things come to an end. Did you find the story interesting? Jack asks Ronnie to marry him but catches her piercing condoms.

On the night of Bradley and Stacey's wedding, Max kisses Stacey and although she rejects him, Lauren's camcorder captures the kiss on video. When Max returns to Walford, he is hell-bent on revenge after half the Square helped throw him into jail. He also threatens Bobby with a video showing that someone can get to Bobby if she doesn't do as he says. Jack is pleased to see Derek, but is concerned when it is revealed that Tanya has cervical cancer. Max talks to Tanya, and she explains her fears about her condition and reveals that she helped her sick father to die.

Jack then tells a social worker about Roxy's past and her family. Video Loading Video Unavailable. However, he worries about Ronnie's state of mind when she struggles to cope.

EastEnders Jealous Rainie Cross sabotages Max Branning s date

Max then comforts Carol after the death of her son Billie. Jane simply says she believes Max is innocent and decides to help him escape to Ireland. She tells Max he can have it if he tells her the truth and he continues that it was for the money. Characters Present Characters.

Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders. When Ronnie returns, Jack begs her to reunite with him, but she refuses. Roxy then agrees to let Ronnie and Jack move. They announce their engagement to everyone, but Tanya confronts Max and tells him that she knows that he only proposed to Vanessa to make her jealous.

  1. Tanya takes Abi and Stacey screams for Max to leave, which he does.
  2. That same day, he reveals he and Rainie have re-opened the car lot as Maximum Motors.
  3. Racing to the airport to stop her, Jack tells Ronnie that he loves her over the airport tannoy.

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EastEnders Max Branning accused of shock attack on Bobby Beale

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At the church, Cora tells Jack that Max is probably plotting revenge for being denied his right to say goodbye to Abi. Jack tries to pull the group together in hiding this from the police. Max encourages Kirsty to abort the pregnancy, but following another refusal by Tanya to rekindle their relationship, he changes his mind and moves into a new flat with Kirsty. Elba reveals the song Meghan requested for him to play at royal wedding.

Max attends Jack's wedding to Ronnie, and Roxy slips her bedroom key into his pocket. When she recovers, Max is there. Max tells Lauren that Abi is going to be fine but Lauren is distraught when she goes to see her for herself and slaps her Dad for lying. Max desperately tries to deny it but its clear to Stacey that he's lying, and Tanya then tells him that she's taking their daughters away for their own safety.

They go to her flat to get some bits for her when Max tries to find a pink bunny he got her as a baby. Max has researched about stem cells and plans to take Abi to America for treatment. Max confirms to an angry Tanya that he did marry Kirsty but Derek had told him they were divorced. Jack receives a letter from Ronnie saying she is due to be released from prison.

Afterwards, Max notices the messages from Jane on her phone and tries to delete them, but the phone has frozen. Ian tries to escape but Max grabs him and pulls him back inside the house. However, Max convinces him otherwise. Max and Carmel have sex after their second date but he leaves before she wakes up and goes home, where his house appears to show him to be wealthy despite telling people that he lives in a bedsit. Looking for the icing on the cake, Max proposes to Fi but is stunned when she refuses, marlin dating much to the amusement of everyone in the pub.

Sharon constantly seduces him afterwards and on Sharon's terms, knowing about her addiction to painkillers, they start dating. EastEnders is just incredible, it's phenomenally rewarding and I love working here, but now it's time to move on to pastures new. The character was introduced to the show during a period when EastEnders was being routinely criticised in the media for its reliance on resurrecting old characters.

Falling into a deep depression, Max's sister Carol moves in to help out. Max's daughter, Lauren, later confesses to her family, but Tanya tells the police she did it and is arrested. Tanya asks her how she can even have him staying in her house, 8 tracks hookup and Stacey says he is a friend.

Lauren confesses the funeral hasn't happened and that Tanya won't go if he does. Ronnie and Jack are relieved and Ronnie reveals that she is pregnant with Jack's baby. However, Lauren later admits that she was driving the car and turns herself in to the police. Stacey then phones Ryan who plans to help Stacey by sending someone out to change the locks on her doors. Steele kissing, so Jack punches Mr.

Who is max dating in eastenders
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